Bay FM's Secret Sound

The Bay FM Secret Sound is here for Autumn 2017, and you could win some serious cash by working out our mystery sound! Starting Thursday5th October.

Check out our new Secret Sound below 

Our jackpot starts at a cool £100

which you will win just for identifying our mystery sound...

We’ll play once a day during weekdays – between 11am & Noon on The Bay FM Daytime Show with Andy and if it is not guessed the winning amount goes up by £5 each weekday to a top prize of £500 which will be capped until the sound is guessed correctly.

How to Play

To enter, just text SECRET SOUND and YOUR NAME to 07947 211 311.

It's a standard text message charge. 

Every competition round, we'll pick a contestant at random from all the texts received each weekday during the competition hour.

Only one entry per mobile number will be counted in the draw - there's no advantage in sending multiple texts.

If you've been chosen to play, we'll call your mobile number, if you don't answer the phone, we'll then select another contestant at random.

We will never ask you for your guess until you're playing on air. Any entries which include your guess on the text message will be automatically disqualified. 

Once you've played, you can enter again another day by texting as soon as you've come up with another guess.

And of course, if you correctly identify the Secret Sound, you'll win the money.

Good luck!


Here's what's been guessed so far...

Thurs 5th Oct - Pulling a Ring Pull on a Can or Tin - £100 (Double Up Thursday +£10)

Fri 6th Oct - A Stapler - £110

Mon 9th Oct - Sellotape Dispenser - £115

Tues 10th Oct - The Clicking of a Ballpoint Pen - £120

Wed 11th Oct - Double Clicking of a Computer Mouse - £125

Thurs 12th Oct - An Electric Air Freshener in the home going off - £135

Fri 13th Oct - Camera Shutter - £140

Mon 16th Oct - The Safety Lid on a Prescription Pot - £145

Tues 17th Oct - A Label Printing Machine - £150

Wed 18th Oct - A Sweetener Dispenser - £155

Thurs 19th Oct - Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - £160 (Double Up Thursday)

Fri 20th Oct - Unscrewing a wine bottle top - £170

Mon 23rd Oct - Shaking a spray paint can - £175

Tues 24th Oct - The dice button being pushed on a board game - £180

Wed 25th Oct - Flicking through a pack of playing cards  - £185

Thurs 26th Oct - Pressing the top of a pen in to point the nib out and in - £190 (double up Thursday)

Fri 27th Oct - Clicking of a lighter for a gas stove  - £200

Mon 30th Oct - An Egg Timer - £205

Tues 31st Oct - Photo Copier Machine - £210

Wed 1st Nov - Pet training Clicker - £215

Thurs 2nd Nov - Ignition on a gas hob - £225 (Double up Thursday)

Fri 3rd Nov - Key being turned in a door - £230

Monday 6th Nov - Clicking of fingers - £235

Tue 7th Nov - Typewriter - £240

Wed 8th Nov - Turning a Rubix Cube - £245

Thu 9th Nov - Clicking car seat in - £250

Fri 10th Nov - Automatic sink plug - £260

Mon 13th Nov - Retractable pen - £265

Tue 14th Nov -  Castanets - £270

Wed 15th Nov - Bathroom pull cord - £275

Thu 16th Nov - Train conductors ticket machine - £280

Fri 17th Nov - Pressing buttons on a calculator - £290 (Double up Thursday)

Mon 20th Nov - Opening a screw top on a bottle of wine - £300

Tues 21st Nov - Opening a Venetian Blind  - £305

Wed 22nd Nov - Pops pills out of a blister pack - £310

Thurs 23rd Nov - Head count clicker - £315

Fri 24th Nov - Stop Watch being started & stopped - £325 (Double up Thursday)

Mon 27th Nov - Pricing Gun - £330

Tues 28th Nov - Somebody Tap Dancing - £335

Wed 29th Nov - Slide Projector - £340

Thurs 30th Nov - Electronic Safe Opening - £350

Fri 1st Dec - A Cassette being inserted into a player - £355

Mon 4th Dec - Running a finger across a pack of cards - £360

Tue 5th Dec - Clicking a pair of scissors together - £365

Wed 6th Dec - Rubik's Cube - £370

Thurs 7th Dec - Somebody Tapping - £375

Fri 8th Dec - Retractable Dog Lead - £385

Mon 11th Dec - Tightening a Ratchet strap - £390

Tues 12th Dec - Moving the clock face on a divers watch - £395

Wed 13th Dec - Torch being turned on & off - £400

Thurs 14th Dec - Sweetner Dispenser - £405

Fri 15th Dec - Sewing Machine - £420

Terms and Conditions


Bay FM's standard terms and conditions apply to all competitions on BAY FM.

In addition, the following specific rules apply to the Bay FM Secret Sound competition:

  • Entries will be selected by generating a random number corresponding to the order in which entries have been received.
  • Only one entry per mobile number will be accepted.
  • There will be one competition round per day during weekdays, between 11am & Noon. 
  • In the event of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. loss of transmission, urgent breaking news, studio emergencies, etc) we reserve the right to run the competition at the earliest opportunity after these times - in the event that this is necessary, it will be announced on air.
  • If you fail to answer the telephone when we call you, you will be deemed to have forfeited your opportunity to play and another number will be chosen at random to enter a guess.
  • By entering the competition, you are agreeing to be identified as a winner and you may be asked to take part in some publicity activity (e.g. photocalls with local press)
  • This competition is intended for our local audience on FM. As such, to be eligible to claim the prize, entrants must live in our FM broadcast area (which covers East Devon, and the nearby towns of Dawlish, Starcross and Exminster). Alternatively, entrants must work within this area for at least five day a week. Evidence of employment at the time of winning will be required and is subject to Bay FM's judgement. If you are unsure whether you are in an eligible area please contact Andy Green Station Manager or Julie Green secretary for clarification on 01395 542547 ext.2.
  • As with all Bay FM competitions, current Bay FM volunteers and their immediate families are not allowed to enter. Staff and relatives of employees of CPM are also excluded from entering this specific competition. 


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